Masta-KIll without spray head (Code: 945BI0000050002)

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MASTA-KILL is a modern and user friendly pesticide. Use of the pyrethrum made of chrysanthemum bloom as an insecticide has been known for a long time. Traditional recipes employ piperonyl butoxide as a synergist. Efficacy of such products is, however, commonly considered unsatisfactory compared to chemical compositions. After many years of research, Mastavit GmbH succeeded in developing a new combination of synergists consisting of several substances. By adding this combination, efficacy and stability of the active ingredients were improved considerably. With MASTA-KILL, a highly effective insecticide ihas become available to the user. MASTA-KILL prevents resistance problems.


Rate of application

One liter of MASTA-KILL is enough for spraying an area of 50-60 sq.m; use it as required. No safety period is necessary between applications.


Scope of application

MASTA-KILL is effective against insects in the yard and barn. Years of research have developed this contact insecticide with specially matched ingredients.


Contained in each 100 g MASTA-KILL®: 1.6 g of piperonyl butoxide, 0.8 g permethrin, pyrethrins 0.075 g.


Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

BAuA: Reg.-Nr. N-12158 



Contains permithrin (ISO)
Product may cause allergic reactions.

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