Balsavit Milking Ointment (Code: 860SA0000085002)

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Balsavit Milking Ointment

Udder care

Teats and udder are heavily strained by machine milking. Thus, care with a suitable milking ointment is of great importance. Thanks to its content of panthenol and allantoin, Balsavit Melksalbe is especially suitable for the protection and care of the strained skin.

- supports hygienic measures at milking,
- provides care for the teats and the milker’s stressed skin,
- coats teats and udder with a thin, protective layer against external influences,
- by covering the teat tip, additional protection is achieved,
- is excellent and permanently gliding,
- facilitates the manual and machine milking procedures,
- does not influence smell and taste of the milk,
- has no inhibitory effect on bacteria required for cheesemaking,
- is at the same time an ideal hand cream.

Designated use

For skin care and protection.



Ointment for external use on udder. For preventive care of the udder, evenly apply before and after milking.


D-panthenol, allantoin and glycerin.

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