Cannibal Guard Bitter Spray, 400 ml (Code: 866SP0000040002)

Cannibal Guard Bitter Spray, 400 ml
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Cannibal Guard Bitter Spray

Bitterspray for the veterinary-cosmetic sector

Simple, clean application, even in hard-to-reach places
Contains Bitterstoff as child protection
Forms a transparent and safe protective film
Long durability.


Spray the area to be protected from approx. 20-30 cm sparingly and uniformly. Due to friction or moisture, the quenching bitterness may subside. In this case, repeat the spraying process as required without observing a safety time. In the case of terrific animals, start carefully with light spraying or, if necessary, spray the bitter spray onto cotton wool and thus moisten the dressing. To allow evaporation of the solvent (alcohol), protect the moistened area 2-3 minutes after application. Do not spray into the eyes or mucous membranes.

Intended use

An extremely bitter film is applied to injured and healthy animal parts or objects, such as dressings, linen, plasters, nonwovens or dishes, in order to effectively protect against dirt, manure, faeces or urine. The contained bitterness prevents children from inadvertently absorbing the applied protective film by licking, chewing or biting.

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