Masta-Kill Spray, 400 ml (Code: 947BI0000040002)

Masta-Kill Spray, 400 ml
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Masta-Kill Spray


MASTA-KILL is a modern and user friendly pesticide. Use of the pyrethrum made of chrysanthemum bloom as an insecticide has been known for a long time. Traditional recipes employ piperonyl butoxide as a synergist. Efficacy of such products is, however, commonly considered unsatisfactory compared to chemical compositions. After many years of research, Mastavit GmbH succeeded in developing a new combination of synergists, the application of which has considerabyl improved efficacy and stability of the product. MASTA-KILL SPRAY provides the user with a highly effective insecticide. Its natural active ingredient pyrethrum is degraded within a short time.

Scope of application

MASTA-KILL Spray was developed especially for application in flats, campers etc. However, it can also be used universally outdoors and against crawling insects. For application purposes requiring a longer-lasting impact, we are offering MASTA-KILL, which is based on the same combination of synergists in containers of 500 ml, 2500 ml, 5000 ml and 10000 ml.

Designated use

MASTA-KILL SPRAY functions as a contact poison to control flying insects.



400 ml of ready-to-use spray.



Directions for use

SHAKE CAN WELL BEFORE EACH USAGE! To combat flying insects aim the spray stream diagonally towards the ceiling and spray the room evenly. At even distribution, spraying duration of 4-5 seconds is sufficient for an area of 10 mÂ? or a volume of 25 mÂ?. Crawling insects are eradicated directly or by treating trails and hiding places. To this end, spray each running meter for about 2 seconds from a distance of 80 cm. After application, leave the room, keep it closed for 20 minutes and then air it for at least 20 minutes. No safety period is necessary between applications.


Contained in each 100 g MASTA-KILL®: 1.6 g of piperonyl butoxide, 0.8 g permethrin, pyrethrins 0.075 g.


Container is under pressure. Protect against exposure to the sun and temperatures exceeding 50°C. Do not burn or try to open violently, even when empty. Do not spray onto flames or smouldering objects. Without sufficient ventilation the formation of explosives vapours is possible.

 BAuA: Reg.-Nr. N-32476

Please observe

Application according to the instructions for use, as misusage can cause damage to health and property. Avoid contact with food products, feeding stuff, skin, eyes, mucosa as well as unnecessary inhalation. Remove or cover terraria, aquaria and cages, and switch off aquarium ventilation. Do not use in tooms where sick people, allergy sufferers, pregnant women or young children congregate. Do not spray on wallpapers. Keep out of reach of children.


VO 528/2012 Art.72

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.


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